Our Values

Family Access

This is a family club that promotes family involvement and we strive to provide appropriate access and programming to all members, spouses and children.

Gender Neutrality

Membership categories and applicable access to the tee and privileges are based on fees paid not gender.

Fee-Based Access

Members who pay the highest fees receive the greatest benefits.


In today’s market, we must remain flexible in our programming and pricing.

Junior Development

Future success is based on our ability to develop future members and we will do so by delivering a first-class junior program and offering significant incentives to intermediate members.

Social Environment

The Wascana is more than just a golf course and as such the food and beverage elements, club events and social connections are an important aspect of Club life.

Continual Improvement

Our Club believes in continual improvement and we will consistently improve our amenities and programs to better serve current and future members.